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November 30, 2023

What’s On Your New Home Wish List?

What’s On Your New Home Wish List?

Let’s face it, everyone has something they don’t like about their current home. The good news is that purchasing a new home in Cross Creek West gives you the opportunity to check off every item on your wish list. What should be on the list depends on your preferences, lifestyle and priorities. However, there are items that appear on most lists. Here are a few:

Where to Build

Location is important. You want your new home to be in a neighborhood near good schools, attractions and your job. You want the neighborhood to be safe with great amenities.

Where in the Neighborhood?

An advantage to purchasing a new-build home is the ability to choose your homesite. Do you want a big yard? To be on a cul-de-sac? To wake up to sunlight streaming through the window? If possible, view potential homesites before purchasing your home.

Check Out the Storage

You will want a home that has plenty of closets, cabinets and drawers. Your storage options should be functional. A drawer just for pots and pans means more space for plates and cups. A walk-in pantry keeps dry goods out of kitchen cabinets. The more places you have to put stuff, the less cluttered your new home will be.

Think About Flooring

If you’ve always wanted wood floors or stain-resistant carpeting, now is the time. Think about how you will use your home before deciding. Dark wood floors can make your home feel smaller. Light carpeting could show every speck of dirt. 

Upgrade the Laundry Room

If your current laundry room is less than functional, consider adding a few upgrades to your new one. Add countertops to create a folding station and a sink that allows you to easily soak delicate garments. You will want shelves or cabinets for supplies and place to store an ironing board.

Be Flexible

Are your current rooms flexible? Can they adapt to the changing needs of your family? If not, you’ll want to talk to our builders. Many offer flex rooms that can go from children’s playroom to homework center or study to hobby room depending on your lifestyle.

What About Technology?

Why purchase smart home technology piecemeal when your builder can install it all for you? Our builders offer great home automation packages, including smart door locks, garage door openers, thermostats and more. Don’t forget to ask about adding extra outlets so it’s easy to charge your smart devices.

Light It Up

Older homes tend to be dark, so we’re betting light fixtures are on your wish list. Kitchens are an area you will want to light up. Choose recessed lighting, undercabinet lighting and pendant lighting to ensure you can easily prep food or find what you need when looking for a midnight snack.

Look Up

Is your current ceiling too low or too boring? High ceilings make your feel more spacious. Decorative features such as tray or coffered ceilings add architectural interest.

Don’t Forget Sustainability

The greener your home, the more money you’ll save on utility costs. Today’s new homes are better insulated, have low-flow toilets, energy-efficient appliances and more — all of which reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills.

Bring Your Wish List to Cross Creek West

Cross Creek West can help you cross off every item on your wish list. Bring it along, our builders will be happy to discuss how you can get everything you’ve ever wanted in a home.