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April 23, 2024

Perfect Your Kitchen With Specialty Storage

Perfect Your Kitchen With Specialty Storage

A common reason people opt for a newly constructed home is the enhanced kitchen storage. And by enhanced, we mean more — sometimes lots more!

But did you know you could maximize that kitchen storage with just a few requests to your builder? Here are some specialty kitchen storage options to consider:

Built-in Spice Racks

Today’s home chef reaches for more than just salt and pepper while cooking. Now, you’ll find anything from Chinese 5-spice powder to garam masala among typical spice collections. And why stock just black pepper when you can have white pepper, cayenne pepper and Aleppo pepper? It won’t take long before you have an entire collection of spices taking up valuable space in your pantry. Pull-out spice racks near the stove are a much-appreciated detail for those who like to cook.

Pots and Pan Storage

Builders often have deep drawers for pots and pans standard in their kitchen design or can convert two drawers into one. Another consideration is having a typical cabinet with a pull-out shelf for your pots and pans. And don’t forget your sheet pans — put dividers into a tall cabinet or into a deep drawer where you can lay pans horizontally.

Hidden Trash

Today’s new kitchens are as beautiful as they are functional. Why let a trash can mar this lovely picture? Have your builder convert a kitchen cabinet — preferably one near the sink — into a pull-out trash drawer that hides your trash. Make it deep enough for two trash cans — one for recycling and the other for non-recyclables.

Utensil Drawer

Just as types of spices are going in number in modern kitchens, so are kitchen utensils. Talk to your builder about adding utensil holders in a drawer near the stove where you can store your ever-growing collection of tongs, spatulas and wooden spoons.

Pull-Out Shelf Under Sink

Find an interesting and often forgotten collection of sponges and cleaners when you pull out everything under the sink during annual spring cleaning? Never forget about that specialty cleaner again when you equip your under-the-sink cabinet with a pull-out drawer.

Corner Cabinetry

Say goodbye to wasted space at cabinet corners. Instead, have your builder install a two-tier lazy Susan. There are even some available with a cabinet cut-out in front. An alternative is the corner drawer which has a right angle in front.

End of Kitchen Island

There are so many possibilities beyond a typical cabinet for the end of a kitchen island — a bookshelf for cookbooks and wine storage are things your builder should be able to do. A trending idea for pet lovers is to have built in pet bowls or even a pet bed tucked into the end of an island.

These are just some of the kitchen storage possibilities. Talk to your Cross Creek West builder for more ideas to design your ultimate kitchen!