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January 26, 2024

New Year, New Home Designs

New Year, New Home Designs

Whether it’s an emphasis on sustainability or the latest thing in backsplashes, home design is always evolving. What’s in store for 2024? Here’s what we know:

Park Your Appliances

Many builders will be incorporating “appliances garages” into their kitchen designs. These spaces are meant to conveniently store and conceal coffee makers, toasters and other small appliances. Most feature power outlets so you don’t need to move them to use them.

At-Home Spas

Showers will get major upgrades this year helping buyers achieve the spa-like baths they crave. Look for wet-room setups, multiple shower heads, steam options, heated benches and more.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design principles, which emphasize a connection to nature, will continue to influence home design. Incorporating natural elements — such as wood, stone and indoor plants — will add warmth and a connection to the outdoors.

Good-bye Greys

Cool greys and stark whites will give way to warm, neutral colors like browns, beiges and creamy off-whites. The idea is to create a calm, cozy space where family members can relax. Bold colors will also make a reappearance with purple leading the charge. The most popular colors will remain green and blue, however.

Blended Backsplashes

Say good-bye to uniformity and hello to combos. Kitchens will now feature a mix of materials in the backsplash department with slabs of stone or quartz located behind the range and tile everywhere else. The slabs will be the same material as the countertops which will create striking yet easy to clean focal points.

Butler’s Pantries Get an Upgrade

Butler’s pantries have always been popular, but the trend will be to turn them into secondary kitchens. In addition to creating more space for small appliances, food items and dishware, the pantries are now incorporating wine refrigerators, mini fridges, microwaves and even small ovens to help speed food preparation.

Smarter Smart Homes

The integration of smart home technology continues to be a trend. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will increasingly relieve you of the need to make changes via apps as they automatically set temperatures based on weather reports, turn on lights based on your habits and use cameras to decide who to open doors to.

Check Out Our Model Homes

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